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Dog Training Doncaster

Dog training in Doncaster with a fully trained dog pschologist

For many people, their dogs are not just pets, but a part of the family. However, our four-legged friends can sometimes misbehave. Common issues include chewing, poor recall, separation anxiety, excessive barking and 'going' indoors. Many owners struggle to manage their dog's behaviour and this can be frustrating.

If your dog is exhibiting problematic behaviour, it's worth considering enrolling on a dog training course. Based in the Doncaster area, Dog Whispers offers a variety of training courses, catering to dogs of all ages and breeds. 

Over the past ten years, we have worked with dogs from all backgrounds, helping them to become socialised and feel at ease with their new surroundings. We have helped more than 3,000 dogs overcome a variety of issues. No matter what's causing you trouble, we're confident we can help your dog become a happy, sociable and loyal companion. 

Our courses take place in the Doncaster area and are led by a fully trained dog psychologist and a retired search and rescue dog handler and trainer. Each session involves a mixture of reward-based training and leadership skills.

Dogs rely on a hierarchical structure with rules and boundaries. An owner should establish his or herself as 'head of the pack'. At Dog Whispers, we aim to establish mutual trust and understanding between owners and their dogs. 

If you want your dog's behaviour to improve, you'll need to commit to keeping up the training outside of your classes. This can be challenging, however, many of our owners would agree that it's well worth the effort! Watching your dog progress week by week can be very rewarding. You can read a number of positive reviews from our past clients on the Testimonials page. 

Our training classes aim to provide a fun, social environment for dogs and trainers alike. One-to-one classes are also available for more problematic dogs. If you're in the Doncaster area and would like to learn more about the dog training courses we have available, please get in touch on 07896 177 848. 

We also offer hour-long walking and group play sessions for dogs and their owners every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 11am. The walks are open to known clients with sociable dogs and are charged at £6.50 per client.