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Puppy Training Doncaster

Train your puppy to be social, playful and loyal with Puppy Whispers of Doncaster!

Puppies are lively, playful and full of energy! They can also be mischievous and exhibit undesirable behaviours such as chewing furniture, biting or nipping. What's more, as no puppy is born house trained, the occasional 'accident' is to be expected during the first couple of months!

Many owners, particularly those who have not owned dogs before struggle to manage their puppy's behaviour. It's difficult to encourage good behaviour when you don't know the proper training methods. Enrolling your puppy on a training course can help them to 'grow out' of any troublesome habits and set them on the right path for later life! 

Puppy Whispers is a new course from Dog Whispers – a popular training provider in Doncaster. Since establishing in 2005, we have helped more than 3,000 dogs overcome a range of anxiety, aggression and behavioural issues. Our puppy training courses provide a fun, stimulating, social environment for puppies of all breeds. The courses are led by a qualified dog psychologist and a retired search and rescue dog handler/trainer. 

Enrolments are held each Saturday at 2pm. We ask that owners do not bring their dogs to enrolment sessions to avoid any potential problems with unsociable or nervous dogs. The cost for enrolment and three weeks' training is £60. Information on the full range of classes we have available can be found here

If you are based in the Doncaster area and would like to enrol your puppy on one of our forthcoming training courses, please get in touch on 07896 177 848. We hope to welcome you and your puppy soon!