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Joanne Smith
18th Jan '16

I am just writing to let you know how great it was to meet you all on Sat, and how comfortable I felt knowing you were going to put ‘me’ straight and tell me where I was going wrong. After my consultation I immediately started to implement what you had told me. I have to say that I didn’t need the water bottle as Bella just got most of it straight away with my voice changing. She took just ten seconds to calm and sit for the leash to be put on and followed me out of front door then waited in the sit position whilst I locked it. GREAT J She is not charging the door quite so much, great progress even though it’s only been a day and a half. Amazing really. However, her attitude to dogs whilst on the walk has not changed, but I am hoping that after this coming Saturday at our session and ensuing lessons, we have the knowledge how to stop that behaviour. I was told by members of my family that I am the only one she jumps up!! So I guess she does not see me as her alpha at all. That I will work on this week. She no longer jumps up on the sofa, she looks at me for permission and the answer is now a loud NO. She then lays down immediately but on my feet. I move her when she is in my way rather than step over her, which she does immediately. Even in this short period of time it seems those few small changes have improved her attitude. I look forward to Saturday (sort of-if you know what I mean) as working around the other dogs will mean she won’t listen at all. Typical woman.

Mrs Clarke Tickhill
18th Jan '16

I thought Buster was going to have to be put to sleep, we could not control him and we had made an appointment with the vets to have him put to sleep. Then I thought we would give him one more chance and I convinced my husband to get someone in to have a look at Busters behaviour. I rang Brian at Dog Whispers but was apprehensive as to whether it would work or not. I was amazed at how quickly Brian got Buster under control, less than five minutes. We were all amazed as Brian worked with Buster and explained to us how it was our fault because we were not showing the leadership that Buster needed. Now we all love Buster again he is calm and happy, no more growling, we can take things from him, he doesn't damage the house when we leave him. He is a well behaved dog all thanks to Dog Whispers.

18th Jan '16

In May this year after losing our Collie Lab Cross we took on a rescue dog Belle, after a couple of weeks we thought we would need rescuing, we were afraid to take her out for fear of her lurching towards other people and dogs, people were frightened to visit our home for the aggression Belle showed towards them, and after telephoning the kennels were she came from they gave us details of the dog whisperer from Doncaster, at the initial assessment Brian spotted the problems we had with Belle and over the past 6-7 weeks although not yet perfect we have the situation well under control. We can walk Belle now without fear of her attacking other people, people can now enter our home with ‘treats’ for Belle and in minutes she is making a fuss of them. Each Saturday it is a 130 mile round trip, we consider it is not the time we spend at The Lakes but the knowledge that Brian and his assistants give us which is invaluable, which we can then put into practice in the following week. If it were not for these people then Belle would have had to go back to the kennels for she was institutionalized and out of control. Brian and his crew have saved Belle from possibly the rest of her life in the kennels, she lives now quite content, with a daily routine, all thanks to The Dog Whisperer.

Shaun McCabe
18th Jan '16

By far the best training club in South Yorkshire, Brian gave advice that stopped problems that was driving my family crazy, I was told that it may take 3-4 days, it stopped within 2-3 hours "amazing". All the trainers really friendly and knowledgable, first and foremost allowing dogs to be dogs & owners to lean what's needed to own a well balanced sociable pet. I would highly recommend the Dog Whispers to anybody. 5 Star

18th Jan '16

We have only been 4-5 times and already have seen a huge improvement and learnt that it's us at fault not the dog in the way they behave as we play a big part in it not just our dogs. All the staff are amazing, so friendly and helpful and approachable. Brian has been fantastic and been there to contact even when not at classes. I emailed with some difficulties and he replied and called me the same day to put me at ease and give me advice and guidance with the training. I've never known someone so committed and helpful. Even after just the assessment/enrolment we noticed big improvements after a few days in how much calmer our dog was. I would highly recommend any dog owner to come to these classes. Everyone is so friendly and seeing the dogs run and play together but also having training is so lovely and rewarding seeing them grow and develop. Thank you to all the team for making training such a positive experience for our family and for helping all those other dogs that would not be here today if it wasn't all your hard work you put in.

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